I have been in the business many years of licensing rights to my images for many purposes including: advertising, magazines, trade shows, brochures etc.   I am working toward a long term goal of having most of my work accessible on line at a site hosted by Photo Shelter.   Clicking the link below will take you to that collection.  If you do not see what you want then send me an e-mail or call me.  Regarding licensing, I use the Rights Managed module.  In Rights Managed you pay according to the extent and type of use.   Rights can be purchased on my Photo Shelter site using a credit card, or you can call me and we can do business the old fashioned way.  If you feel your use does not fit the parameters in the price calculator, we can talk about it.  To browse through my collection  go to  Image catalog


E-Mail:   john@johnmarshallphoto.com

Phone:  509-665-6451